It’s Been A While

First off, I need to apologize. To the single person who followed my blog two years ago, I am so sorry for ditching you. I promise it wasn’t intentional and I have the perfect excuse.

See what had happened was, I used to write all my posts on my laptop so it was always with me. And when I went to visit my sister in Providence around July last year and we went to this cute little coffee shop near her campus. So I’m sitting there feeling all inspired so I pull my laptop out and start writing. Now when I write, it relaxes me and I tend to forget where I am. I had my legs sprawled out into the aisle and because I’m a magnet for awful situations, someone tripped over my feet. Their coffee goes everywhere…including my laptop. But thankfully it was just the keyboard so nothing important was damaged. I felt awful for the poor soul who’s coffee I spilled, so I offered to buy him a new drink. So we walk to the counter, order his drink, and wait for it to come. When they finally call his name, we both apologize to each other again and I go back to my seat. And that’s when I notice my laptop isn’t there. I look around trying to remember what happened. And then someone next to me says, “Oh, are you looking for the laptop that was here?” I tell her I am and she gives me an apologetic look and says someone walked off with it.

So yeah, that’s the excuse. Someone stole my laptop two years ago and I’ve been too lazy to use a library computer or my phone or anything. But I have been writing everything down in a little black notebook so I’ll start posting again. And if the format looks weird, it’s because I’m doing everything on my phone.

Last thing: All of my new posts are from 2014 to the present, so I’m going to date them from the day they were written, not posted.